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Join us to shape the future of epigenetics

We are proud to announce the launch of the Helmholtz International Epigenetics Research School. Through this interdisciplinary program we look forward to providing graduate students with an inspiring research and training environment to conduct their PhD research in the field of epigenetics. 
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The epigenetics@HMGU retreat

This year the second edition of the epigenetics@HMGU retreat took place. This is a two-day retreat which is organized by and for students and Postdocs...


The foundation of your future career

Graduate school is the first place where you will truly learn what it means to work in science and learn to manage your own project and work on the...


Training the future leaders in epigenetics

Epigenetic mechanisms regulate all aspects of DNA dependent processes and are implicated in diseases like diabetes and cancer. This makes the field of...


Important strategic move

I am delighted about the launch of this first international epigenetics research school. It is an important strategic move to train the next...


The epigenetics@HMGU Community – a highly collaborative environment

Back in October 2016 the epigenetics@hmgu website was launched and the community has been growing rapidly ever since. The epigenetics community was...

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